Friday, May 18, 2012

On moving...

As I'm writing this, it's 20 days until moving day. Now, moving day has been defined as "the day we move the big furniture in the truck." We haven't yet reserved a truck. I guess Hubby thinks one will just drive itself up on the day. Today I asked Hubby to call our contact at our new church (more on this later), and ask if we can pick up the keys on the Monday of moving week. I would like to spend the first part of the week painting and lining shelves and drawers, and moving items that belong to the church to places I want them in the house. Mostly painting. I've never before been allowed to paint my own house/apartment. And I'm very excited! And trying not to over do it on paint colors/schemes/total revamping of the house.

The reason we are moving about 30 minutes up the road ("up the road" is probably a colloquialism-- it means "away-- but not far away") is that Hubby is being moved to a new church. He is a United Methodist pastor, which makes me a pastor's wife. And makes P a "PK" or "preacher's kid" as Hubby taught me to say, having been one himself. As United Methodists, we move every 2-4 years or so, or just about the time you get a good thing going.

We're, of course, very excited to be moving to a new church. We always are excited about a move, but this one seems particularly to be a good fit. Hubs does not visit people in their homes, and these people are more than okay with that.

We've met the people coming in behind us, and they are probably the closest in personality/theology to us as any we've ever met. And since we'll be so close, dare I say it, we may can be friends with this other couple.

About every three years, I get a fresh start. I move to a new town, get a new house, meet entirely new people, shop at new stores, eat at new restaurants.

The pros of this are pretty obvious to me. I love it; it's a chance to start totally new. You know that feeling of getting a brand new hair cut you really love? Our moving is like that multiplied.

Cons have been hard for me to come by. Packing may be the closest to a con. But even that is somewhat enjoyable. It's a survey of all our stuff, so we get to downsize if we choose. It's also like a game I play, a challenge to get the most stuff in the least amount of boxes.

Now that Little Bit is here, we may experience more cons in the future with leaving schools & friends, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Do you like moving? Why have you moved?