Friday, October 11, 2013

10 Songs for Your Fall Playlist

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You're not the only one who turns up the radio when a good song that comes on and pretends that it's the soundtrack of your autobiographical movie. These are ones that play when it's October in Me Land.

1. Lionel Richie-- Hello

Ah, the smoothness of cashmere that is Lionel's voice. The steady, slow tempo. It just sounds like fall.

2. Earth, Wind, & Fire-- September

A feel-good song about dancing in September. Ba-de-ah-de-ah!

3. The Byrds-- Turn Turn Turn

A reminder that there's a season for everything.

4. Nichole Nordeman-- Every Season

Autumn is the most vivid of the changing of the seasons. It reminds us there are seasons.

5. Vivaldi-- Autumn, The Four Seasons

The original autumnal song.

6. Michael Buble-- Feeling Good

Another of those songs that sound like fall... with lots of natural imagery.

7. Rajaton-- Butterfly


8. The White Stripes-- Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

A bit of change of direction... but great still. Take this song on a run.

9. Jars of Clay-- Coffee Song

Cooler weather: a good excuse to up your coffee intake.

10. Counting Crows-- A Long December

Get ready for winter-- and next year. And enjoy Friends-era Courtney Cox.

What's on your playlist? Seriously... leave a comment.

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