Saturday, October 12, 2013

Falling in Love: Best of 31 Day Bloggers

After starting a blog when P was 5 months old, and then promptly abandoning it, I dove in again (or maybe belly-flopped) this past August with gusto.

I've fallen in love with reading several of my fellow bloggeresses' words. These are beautiful, funny, authentic, warm women who have incredible gifts that they share with the blogosphere. And right now, they're doing it daily!

Please check out my favorite bloggers who are participating in 31 Days this year. I know they'll be your new favorites too!

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She is: Crystal Stine
And she is: a spunky, common sense writer whose blog feels warm and inclusive.
Her series is: 31 Days of Community.
To quote her: "I'm a big, human, mess who desperately needs community who "gets" her. The kind that doesn't want anything. The friends who have no expectations, no requirements, no pretense, no fear of the ugly cry or the silent laugh or anything in between."
Why you should be following: Crystal writes warmly but truthfully, and has a heart for community, especially online. She's the kid that thought to invite the girl sitting by herself at recess to play with your friends. I first noticed her Twitter presence, and her blog and her positive attitude have impressed me ever since.

She is: Mimi @ State of Hospitality
And she is: a wedding-directing, Jesus-loving, Southerner who came to Mississippi in a pink bathtub
Her series is: Southern: A Way of Life
To quote her: "I love fried chicken.  I know it’s bad for me, my cholesterol and my waistline, but sometimes, a little grease is needed for the soul."
Why you should be following: Did you read about her up there^? She's what we in the South call "a character" meaning someone who's interesting by nature. She's exploring Southern culture with her daughter, Doodlebug, one conversation at a time.

She is: Ruth Simons @ GraceLaced
And she is: a talented artist and a mom to 6 boys.
Her series is: Drawing Close
To quote her: "And hospitality beautifies your home and brings life to your table because it is not just blessing others, but welcoming a blessing. The door of hospitality opens from the outside as well as from within."
Why you should be following: Her artwork is amazing! She wrote a post of real hospitality that stepped on my toes, in the best way, and left me with a real respect for her insight. Ruth's ability to tell her stories with words and art is inspiring.

She is: Rachel @ The Blue Tulip
And she is: an woman with an incredible ability to recognize and celebrate others.
Her series is: 31 Days Interviewing Women
To quote her: "I want to be more intentional about asking people, “what’s your story?”"
Why you should be following: Rachel's doing a series of interviews on the women in her life, and what their stories are. You'll feel like you know her friends and family by the end of her posts, and you'll start to recognize the blessing of the ladies in your own life.

She is: Michelle DeRusha
And she is: to paraphrase her... a preppy dresser and a concrete writer.
Her series is: 31 Days to An Authentic You
To quote her: "Go ahead, try on different voices, different styles. Go New York City edgy. Try on fancy or funny. But if it doesn’t fit, if it doesn’t feel right, take it off. Don’t keep on the mask, the costume. Don’t keep trying to be someone you’re not. Because God made you YOU for a very good reason."
Why you should be following: She's open and honest and keeps the conversation going with her readers. Her prose is flowing without being too flowery. Plus, she knows how to unpack and highlight the best quotes.

She is: Ashley @ Our Happily Ever Afters
And she is: A self-proclaimed Disney fan and honorary citizen of London.
Her series is:31 Days of British Love
To quote her: "The United States definitely made sacrifices and experienced hard times during the war, but those in Europe were in the heart of it. We can learn so much from their steadfastness, diligence, and incredible willingness to do whatever it took to help their country."
Why you should be following: If you're an Anglophile in the slightest sense, you'll enjoy her cheerful posts on all things UK. She's touched on everything from Mary Poppins to Churchill.

She is: Dawn Camp @ My Home Sweet Home
And she is: a stellar photographer from Hotlanta
Her series is: 31 Days of Killer Quotes
To quote her: "Although I fell out of the habit for years, I now use an assortment of journals to hold fast to words whose power I don’t want to lose."
Why you should be following: Dawn's presenting quotes you've never heard, or favorite ones in new light. Her variety hints someone who's open-minded, open-hearted, and a true lover of learning.

Tell me readers: who are you reading during this 31 Days?

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