Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5 Minute DIY Throw Pillow Covers (using Maternity Tops)

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Guilty of saving baby clothes? Check. Guilty of saving maternity clothes? Double check.
Saving maternity clothes is, for me, almost just as precious as saving P's clothes.
No, they're not small and cute. And they don't have that great smell.
But they were some of the first items that were purchased because of my LO's existence. They represent the very first moments I cared for that wonderful little boy.
I have a lot of happy memories attached to my maternity clothes, and I bet you do too! Think about your very first maternity top, or the comfy shirt you wore all the time, or what you wore for your baby showers.
In a constant effort to upcycle, recycle, reuse, and refurbish-- I created a fresh look for my throw pillows using my beloved maternity tops.
Tutorial Starts Here
After washing, turn your shirt inside out, and beginning just below the arm hole, sew from one edge to the other, straight across the shirt.

Trim the excess material. Turn the shirt right side out, then place your throw pillow inside.
Measure about 1/2" below the edge of your pillow, and, using a marking pen, mark a seam line straight across your shirt. .
*I eyeballed mine, but to make sure your seam is straight, you may want to mark the seam.
Sew this seam with pillow inside on the right side of the shirt/cover.
Alternatively, you can sew in a zipper, button loops, Velcro, etc. for your closure. I even used fabric glue with a sweater.

  Finally, trim you outside seams. You'll want to be very careful, as this will be on the outside of your pillow. 
Just a quick way to give your pillows a new look!