Tuesday, August 20, 2013


After lunch, my toddler takes a nap. I sit down at my laptop in my kitchen.
My mind and my heart are near bursting with all the thoughts and words and ideas that fill me.
I open one post or one document. I think for four seconds. I open another. I cannot still my mind. I cannot seem to put on the screen what I want to say about hospitality or forgiveness, so I move on. I end up staring at my laptop, watching in horror as my trains of thought wreck, or derail, or refuse to leave the station.
Why do I struggle so much to write when that seems to be all I want to do?
I hear the voice of doubt in the back of my mind. He whispers that I have no authority to write about love, no credentials to speak about peace or honesty.
What can I possibly say that other bloggers or writers haven't said already and in much clearer prose?
But then my Father whispers, too. He says not to worry about having authority or credentials. He's got those.
He says that although He has also influenced others to write about Him as well, they didn't write what He has given me to write. My story is different from their stories-- and someone needs to hear my story, just as I needed to hear the one's of those beautiful writers and wonder bloggers.
He reminds me that I am not a noisy gong or clanging cymbal. He reminds me that I have a desire to love others through words, and He has placed within me a near-need to write.
He's placed a desire in you as well. Whatever your thing is--photography, cosmetology, nursing, mothering, singing-- He is the author of that!
Look at your life, your relationships, your growth-- see that you have found truth and gained wisdom. He wants us to share those truths and that wisdom with others. He has called you to do so.
The Lord has given you a stage to perform for Him. Perform for Him; delight Him!
Do your thing.

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  1. By the Grace of God we are! God speaks in a million ways. If only we hear in just one we are so richly blessed. God gave voice so speak the love and blessing of Him that saved us. So speak the love and voice that is given.

    With the blessings of God.

  2. Love this! I struggle with these thoughts and how awesome is it that we all have a part to play!