Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For Every Season

Ecclesiastes 3:1, leaves, fall, autumn, for everything there is a season, turn, seasons
Image derived from Fallen Leaves by Andrea_44 via Flickr
What season are you in?
Are you beginning something?
Are you in the middle of a storm?
Are you at the end?
As you delight in His seasons, in His grand design of life, for His planet-- remember that your life and your seasons are His delight.
Praise Him for your springs, for your beginnings, for your births, for your fresh leaves
Laze with Him through your summer, through your time of contentment, through your sunshine
Recognize Him with your autumn, with your reminiscing, with your harvest, with your golden-ness
Hide in Him through your winter, through your storms and snow, through the bite of frost
Be His delight.
This post is part of our 31 Days of Fall series from October 2013.
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