Sunday, May 13, 2012

Truly Last Minute Mother's Day Ideas

Happy Mother's Day!

8 truly last minute Mother's Day gift ideas:

1) Take a picture of yourself, or your child, or both. Print it in black & white on your printer. Put it in a frame you already have in your house.

2) Bake a cake, cookies, etc. Put in something you have already (a tin, a jar, on a platter).

3) Pick some flowers/limbs/sticks/grass/whatever grows in your yard. Put it in a vase. Tie a ribbon around it.

4) Dig up one of your plants. Put in a flower pot, or line a basket with plastic bags and put it in that.

5) Finger paint. Pretend your child did it. Put it in one of your own frames.

6) Put some moss and a rock on top of some sand in a jar. Call it a terrarium.

7) Gift wrap an empty box. When she opens it, act mad, and blame it on the gift wrap counter at the department store.

8) Move like a tree. Pretend to have taken up interpretive dance.

Start earlier next year.