Monday, May 14, 2012

World Market Finds (in Neutral)

This weekend I enjoyed a trip to World Market, one of my absolute favorite stores. It's a wonderland of decor inspiration, not to mention great chocolate & wine. Here were some of my favorite finds:

I've been researching ideas for picture frames as of late. I've got quite a few that could do with an update.

This was a cute idea for frames as well. Gave me the idea to work it into a mobile of sorts.

These would be a great fit for a theme party/wedding, and very quick/easy to diy.

I've also been looking for ideas for covering the throw pillows that came with our sofas. This was a great idea for using fabric scraps that didn't feel so "scrap quilty."

I loved this Indonesian inspired tray. Have great ideas for this.

I just liked this:

While reviewing the "inspiripics" I took, I noticed my preference for the neutrals and muted colors. Even the tray has a brushed finish of sorts.

I'm hoping to add a lot more color in the new house. But I wonder, are neutrals just a part of my natural style? Am I a natural neutral?