Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Minutes on: Worship

Five Minute Friday on: Worship

Sometimes I get really discouraged with myself that I can only remember one worship song. I mean, I know lots of worship songs and hymns, but I go around singing the same one all the time.
I catch myself singing it, and think "There's a that same old song again. I'm going to sing another one."
And then my mind goes blank. I can't think of a single. other. one.
So I sing... "Your Love O Lord reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness stretches to the sky. Your righteousness is like a mighty mountain, Your justice flows like the ocean's tide."
Over and over again.
I sing it in the shower, and when I'm folding laundry. I sing it to my baby when I rock him.
I sing it all the time.
It's my anthem, I guess.
I like it, but I wonder why it's that song and no others.
Do you have an anthem? Did you choose it or did it choose you?

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