Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY Reusable Chalkboard Banner

Hello awesome people!
As you can see in this postI was honored to host a woodland-themed baby shower at my home for my super-cool cousin, K.
I used some items that were in my craft closet and made this customizable banner.
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This is quite quick & easy, and the best part: it's reusable.

Tutorial Starts Here

The items you'll need:
supplies, diy, chalkboard banner, cake circles, cake rounds, paint, twine

--8 inch cake circles
--chalkboard paint
--paint brush (sponge type works best)
--scotch tape
Step 1: Paint one side of each cake circle with blackboard paint. Make sure to get the edges.
Don't be afraid to put a thick coat; blackboard paint works better in thick layers.
paint brush, chalkboard paint, cake circle, cake round, diy banner
Step 2: Let paint dry. If needed, put on a second coat to cover thin spots or smooth ridges.
Step 3: Pull out about 18 inches of twine, to allow for plenty of room when hanging your banner. Don't start too close to the end of the twine.
By Emilian Robert Vicol (Flickr: Ball-of-Hemp-Twine_31614-480x360) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
  Step 4: Position twine on the back side of one cake circle about 2 inches from the top. Secure with 2-3 pieces of scotch tape.
Step 5: Repeat with each cake circle, spacing equally as you go.
Step 6: Allow another 18 inches of twine at the end, and cut twine from spool.
Step 7: Decorate each cake circle with chalk-- your child's sidewalk chalk will make some pretty letters and pictures.
If you goof up, just erase gently with a damp paper towel and wait until completely dry before trying again.
owl, diy chalkboard paint banner, decoration, woodland theme
Hang and smile!
diy, banner, chalkboard, chalk, baby shower, twine, decorations, inexpensive
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