Friday, September 20, 2013

How to {Really} Help New Bloggers- pt. 3

In this series, I'll be offering a newbie perspective on what experienced bloggers can really do to help and encourage new bloggers. Although most of these posts will be useful for any niche, I'm talking specifically to faith bloggers. Click to read part one and part two of this series.
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Post about Etiquette

I'll wager that most new bloggers have Googled "blog etiquette" more than once. And while the rules of the blogosphere may seem like common sense to you, an established blogger now, they probably weren't always so clear.

--Is emailing someone you've never actually met appropriate? What should you say (or not say) in an email?
--Should you respond when someone retweets you? Should you respond when someone thanks you for retweeting them?
--Is asking for a follow in a comment on someone else's blog in poor taste?
--What's a blog roll and a button swap?
--Is it creepy if I "like" several posts in a row on FB, even if I really do like the post?

Each social network has different rules, and each niche has different "unspoken" norms, and each blogger has a preference. How do we wade through all this?

Obviously, it would be very poor etiquette to call someone out on a faux pas in a comment, a tweet, a FB post--anywhere "public." Is it okay to email someone if you think they're messing up?

The best thing you can do is to blog about the topic. By spelling out the mystery of blogiquette in posts, you spread the knowledge (and the love) without calling anyone out personally.

If the "Ins & Outs of Do's & Don'ts" is a post you're considering, consider making it a series. Here's some content-generating ideas to get the writing juices flowing:
--Ask your social media followers for suggestions on blog etiquette questions they're afraid to ask.
--Recount some of your newbie mistakes... and how you learned from them.
--Ask opinions from your fellow bloggers. Ask them to share their secret pet peeves they wish someone would address.

For some of you, blogging about blogiquette might not be a good fit for your blog or your mission. And that's okay.

If that's you, comment on or share posts about it. You many even guest post on the topic on a blog whose mission lines up with blog etiquette content. Guest posting is a great way to post something that may not be a good fit for your own blog.

What bloggy faux pas did you learn about the hard way? Share you experience with us!

Meet back on Monday for the final part of this series.