Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How to {Really} Help New Bloggers- pt.2

In this series, I'll be offering a newbie perspective on what experienced bloggers can really do to help and encourage new bloggers. Although most of these posts will be useful for any niche, I'm talking specifically to faith bloggers. You can read part one of this series here.
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Imagine that you're in church next Sunday. You've just finished Sunday School, and it was amazing! Everything your leader said stirred your heart, and she said it so beautifully, so eloquently. You even like her outfit.

The wonderful, Godly lady that teaches your class is standing at the front, collecting her things. You see that she is quite busy trying to put her notes back in her bag, finish up her water so she can find a trash can and throw it away, and make it to the nearest restroom and into her seat before worship starts.

You think, "I really want her to know how much I enjoyed Sunday School. I want to encourage her, and let her know that someone was listening. I want to thank her for allowing God to use her in this way."

You struggle with the decision of whether to approach her or not. You're a little awed by her and don't want to look silly. You decide to go for it. "I'll just be really brief," you say.

So you slide quickly to the front of the room, and smile. "Thanks for such a great lesson! I really enjoyed it... I loved what you said about honoring our husbands. You're really a great speaker."

She just looks at you, and walks away.

I'm guest posting today over at  Blogging on the Side. Meet me there to continue and find out how to help new bloggers...